Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Birthday my son!

My dearest Z,
You are two today. How did that happen? How did you go from two lines on a pregnancy stick to this crazy, loud, kamikaze two year old? You are running, laughing, talking and full of energy. You don't have as many words as I would like, but I also know there will be a time very soon where I will be wishing you had less words! But the words you do have are so precious to me. The other day you were walking out the door with your Daddy to the dayhome and I said I love you to you two and you looked back and said love you. I cried when the door closed. I know you love me. I know you think I'm the best mommy ever but to hear my precious little boy tell me that he loves me is the greatest gift I could ever be given.
You love to sleep, which is a little bit ironic since you never seem to stop moving but I guess you are just so active you crash when you are able to. You still take 3 hour naps every day, sometimes we have to wake you up so you won't go to bed too late. You have your routines, you need us to hold your hand and pray with you. You want your Bible read to you (you ask very loudly for your Bible almost constantly!) and then you need Elmo and your froggie blankets (both of them) and then you quietly drift off to sleep. And then for the first time all day, you are silent and peaceful. I love watching you sleep. I bought a video monitor for your new siblings but I love watching you on it. I might have to buy a second camera unit just so I can keep watching you sleep at night.
You have had a crazy year. I went back to work, going back to work was so hard. I wanted to stay home with you but I also wanted to work. It was a really hard decision but you are the most adaptable kid. I found an amazing dayhome and you have found 3 little boys who have become your best friends. I love going to the dayhome and watching you play with them. I love that you are so good at sharing (usually) and that you have such a love for your friends. I love how it can take us 20 minutes to leave because you need to hug and say bye-bye to everyone before we can leave. In a little over a month, you will be home full-time with me again, and although I do like my job and I was glad I went back to work, I am so excited to be home with you again. My heart was starting to break every time I had to drop you off and I am counting down the days until I never have to do that again. You can be a handful, you have so much energy and you never stop moving, but you are also a cuddler and love to sit in my lap.
I thank God every day for you, you are a blessing to me and Daddy and we love you so much. I look forward to this upcoming year, watching your vocabulary grow and you learn new things. I'm excited to see you become a big brother, I know you will be a great one.
I'm so excited to see what this year brings us! Happy Birthday my love!

Forever and Always,
Your Mommy