Sunday, August 26, 2012

Officially Full Term

Well I feel gigantic and really uncomfortable but I am in my 37th week - less than 4 weeks until my due date which means I am officially full term. We weren't so sure I'd make it this far so part of me wants to celebrate that but another part of me is just so done with being pregnant. In some ways it's sad, I can't really say I've appreciated this pregnancy since I am just sick & tired of being pregnant and all I want is to have this baby. But I guess that's life and probably what every 9 month pregnant woman feels. Although I think one of the reasons this is so weird for me is that I didn't feel that way with Z. I had the annoying contractions with him but not this bad. I keep getting painfulish (definitely not labour painful) contractions that make me hope it's the beginning and then start far apart (Z's never did that either, I started at 3 mins apart) and then get closer which is also supposedly how labour progresses but once I have them for about 30 mins at 3 mins apart, they just stop. :( I also never felt super huge & uncomfortable with Z, in fact I was always a little sad that I never got to be that huge pregnant lady. Well now I do get to be that huge pregnant lady and I'm not so sure why I was sad last time!
So basically I just want to have this baby. Today.
I shall be doing jumping jacks all morning, I'll update tomorrow to see if it worked.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hoping life will settle down

As I typed the title I had to laugh a little. I'm 35 weeks isn't going to settle down any time soon. I am finally feeling better, I was placed on modified bed rest and taken off work at 29 weeks because I have an irritable uterus and it basically just gets pissed off at me if I do too much. Good times. That took several weeks in bed and several trips to the hospital to get under control (hubby doesn't even come with me to the hospital any more, he just drops me off and tells me to text him if I'm having the baby) but it is finally under control and I can move more than to the bathroom without triggering contractions! Of course I still randomly get contractions which means I will probably never actually know whether or not I'm in labour until baby is already here but hey, what's life without some excitement?
But we are moved into our new home! yay! I love it. It's beautiful. There is still so much I want to do with it but it's definitely coming together. It took us a month (mainly because my doctor put me on the modified bed rest the day we took possession of our house - great timing!) but we got Z's room painted and decorated. It looks amazing!
We also finally have 90% of the boxes unpacked and the basement mostly organized. We had a bit of a timeline with that one since my sister is coming tomorrow with her 2 kids to spend a week with me so we really needed to get it liveable down there but it looks great. We bought a sectional and set up the TV downstairs (I'm loving not having a TV on the main level!). We are also in the process of buying new appliances so soon I will be able to do dishes without completely cleaning them first and not having to keep checking the freezer to make sure it still works! :)
The last thing on our "to-do" list (well at least the "to-do soon" list) is the nursery. My sister loves to paint thankfully so she has volunteered to help hubby paint it the week she is here so we picked up the paint and hubby got the room all prepped for painting and hopefully by the end of next week we will be able to move the furniture in (currently the rocking chair is in our living room and the bassinet & dresser is in the master bedroom) which will also really help with decluttering the house! I still need to make sheets for the bassinet (currently they are blue stripes which is fine but since we don't know what we having, I think I'm going to make a star patterned set to match the room) and I need to buy the decal for the wall. But you can't put decals up for at least 3 weeks after you paint so I have some time for that. I thought about making a mobile but we'll see if I get around to that. I also want to buy letters (but that will have to wait for baby to come) to spell out baby's name over the crib.
But things are coming together and I'm finally feeling more settled. Of course the second I finish and start to feel like I have a second to breath - thats when baby will come and life will be crazy again! :)