Sunday, May 22, 2011

I miss my sister

Sometimes I just want to call Mel and invite myself over for coffee...but then I remember that she lives 8 hours away. I've always wished that my sister lived closer but never more so now that we both have children the same age and are both stay at home moms. It's hard, I feel alone and lonely a lot of the time. My friends are fantastic, they are always so willing to come to me because they know I can't go out as often but they aren't there during the long boring days and although they love me & Z, they don't want to talk about teething and diapers and all the laundry I have to do. And the ladies in my Bible Study are great, they are fantastic to talk to about being a mom but I'm just not close to them - I can't talk to them about life. I want mommy friends, like close friends who have kids. Right now I have a bit of both and I feel like I can't relate to either of them. The people I know with kids are close to 10 yrs older than me and none of my close friends are in the same stage of life as me. It's hard. I'm lonely. And my days are boring. Z hates the stroller so it's hard to go for walks with him or go shopping. And we have no money so I really can't do anything that would cost money. So I stay at home and watch TV all day...not the most exciting life. I want my sister. She would understand. She would talk babies with me but also talk about life. She would hang out with me and just be my friend. I miss her.

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