Sunday, August 26, 2012

Officially Full Term

Well I feel gigantic and really uncomfortable but I am in my 37th week - less than 4 weeks until my due date which means I am officially full term. We weren't so sure I'd make it this far so part of me wants to celebrate that but another part of me is just so done with being pregnant. In some ways it's sad, I can't really say I've appreciated this pregnancy since I am just sick & tired of being pregnant and all I want is to have this baby. But I guess that's life and probably what every 9 month pregnant woman feels. Although I think one of the reasons this is so weird for me is that I didn't feel that way with Z. I had the annoying contractions with him but not this bad. I keep getting painfulish (definitely not labour painful) contractions that make me hope it's the beginning and then start far apart (Z's never did that either, I started at 3 mins apart) and then get closer which is also supposedly how labour progresses but once I have them for about 30 mins at 3 mins apart, they just stop. :( I also never felt super huge & uncomfortable with Z, in fact I was always a little sad that I never got to be that huge pregnant lady. Well now I do get to be that huge pregnant lady and I'm not so sure why I was sad last time!
So basically I just want to have this baby. Today.
I shall be doing jumping jacks all morning, I'll update tomorrow to see if it worked.

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