Friday, November 12, 2010

One year ago

I remember this day so clearly. I woke up, went to work, and tried to ignore that nagging feeling in the back of my mind that said that something isn't right. Something made me fall asleep at 6:30 p.m. last week and something is making coffee give me really bad heartburn. something is making me have to run and pee every five minutes. Something is late...4 days late. There was this part of me that wanted that something to be a pink or blue something but there also a part that was in complete denial - this wasn't our plans. We had just decided on a 3 year plan. Mike will finish his degree and get a YP job and THEN we will jump on the baby train. So I decided I had the flu. My big sis (who was 5 months preg at the time) and I went for a walk (oh how I loved living close by and working with my sister!) at lunch and I started complaining about how I was feeling. She got this uh-oh look in her eyes and asked if maybe it was that time of month, I got that guilty look in my eye and said should be. She encouraged me to take a test, it's better to know. So I got home, told Mike that I needed to take a test. I've taken several pregnancy tests over the years and of course they've all been negative so I wasn't really expecting anything different with this test. But I went into the bathroom, peed on an expensive stick and then waited. And while I waited, something happened that made me assume i wasn't pregnant (lets not go into too much detail, we'll just say Aunt Flo visited - or so I thought) so I was SO positive that it would be negative. I was a little disappointed and kinda annoyed that I spent $15 for nothing. So I went into the bedroom to chat with Mike and then after 4 minutes went back in to take a look...
At that moment my life changed forever. I was shocked, happy, disappointed, scared, terrified, sad, excited and really really unsure of what my future would hold. However, we never looked back. Mike was so amazing. He simply hugged me, looked at that little stick with 2 pink lines on it and said "we're going to have a baby". Then we had taco salad. Life was good.

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