Monday, December 6, 2010


I definately haven't written as much as I want to. I was so determined to try to write down these memories, I have a lot of good ones but it's just so hard to actually stop and write. I feel like if Z stops for a moment, I need to eat, or shower or read a book. But I am realizing how fast he grows and how much life changes. Re-reading my first couple of posts, I can so VIVIDLY remember those moments of him screaming non-stop all day long and realizing how quiet it is these days. He takes naps, he coos and giggles and smiles, he still cries but in general he is a fantabulous baby. The biggest hurdle (and most exhausting) is his night sleeping. I was so smug, when little Z was just 5 weeks old, he slept a solid 8 hours. It was amazing, glorious and kinda painful. Then when he was 8 weeks old, he started doing that regularly, often going 9 hours. He did that right up until he was about 15 weeks old...and then he stopped. He started going to bed earlier and having a EARLY morning feed, which wasn't too terrible. He would feed at like 7:30 and then sleep until 4:30 which is still 9 hours, he even occassionaly did 10.5 hours! But then one day he decided to wake up at 1 a.m. then 4 a.m. then 6 a.m. Growth spurt? Maybe but it's been several weeks! So finally this week, Mike has been getting up and rocking him to sleep without a feeding and he's back to only one feeding, but it's still him only going 6-8 hours at night. and we are still getting up. So I am tired. So very tired. And a lot less smug about my fantastic night sleeping baby.

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