Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I just got back from the best weekend ever. And it was great timing. I needed a break so badly!
I had found a new dayhome for Z on the same day that I interviewed for a job that I really wanted. I took Z to the day home on Tuesday for the day and it went really well (no phone calls after 3 hours!) and Laura, the day home lady, said Z did just fine. He took a short nap in the morning so was a little grumpy but then took a 2 hour afternoon nap so she felt that he would settle in just fine. So I picked him up feeling very positive and happy about this dayhome. I was hoping to hear back from the job on Wed or Thurs but by the time I picked Z up from the day home on Thursday (his 2nd day) I hadn't heard anything and no news is rarely good news so I was a little anxious about that. And then I picked up Z....and my week went downhill from there. Laura handed me Z and I asked how the day went and she went "well...." and then went on to tell me that he basically cried all day and she wasn't sure it was going to work out and maybe we would be better in a daycare situation where there are more workers and he will never have to be left alone (apparently he screamed bloody murder everytime she had to leave him alone). She said she was willing to try again next week but she just wasn't sure and 'just in case' she gave me all his stuff back if I didn't want to bring him back. I really felt like she was passive-aggresively firing him. She didn't want to say she wouldn't, probably because she was with an agency and thought that would be frowned upon so she was encouraging me to do the leaving. So I took his stuff but didn't commit to whether or not I would bring him the next week, I just said I would call her either way. So that wasn't fun. Then Friday came and went without me hearing anything from the job which was basically me not getting it. They had said they would make a decision on Wednesday and I knew if I hadn't heard by Friday, it wasn't going to be good news. So at this point, it wasn't a good week.
But Saturday was the start of our vacation - our first ever baby-free weekend! Mom & Dad picked Z up early Sat morning and Mike & I headed to Calgary to see my brother & sister-in-law. We talked the whole drive there about life, day homes, jobs and money. It was great to just have that time to talk and be with each other. We decided that we would pull Z from the day home, obviously she didn't really want him and wasn't really to take the time to acclimate him to the new environment. We also decided that although my maternity leave had just ended, we would be okay for a couple months if I wasn't working. So we decided if I didn't get the job I had interviewed for, I would wait until September to look for full time work. Then Z would be a little older and perhaps will adjust to daycare better. We also discussed Mike potentially changing careers, unfortunately youth ministry hasn't been working out right now and the bank just really isn't what he wants to do long term. He is thinking of going into the trades, it's working with his hands which he would enjoy more and to be honest, it pays a lot better. So we are going to investigate some options in that field, possibly electrician, carpenter or plumber.
So our drive was great, very relaxing and we made a lot of plans for our future. We got to Calgary and had a great time with Brian & Suzanne. On Sunday morning we went to the zoo with them and with Joella and Chris, who I've only seen once in the last year. So that was wonderful and a lot of fun. Sunday afternoon we drive to Canmore and just had a wonderful relaxing time. We went to Banff and went for a hike around Lake Louise and went for a mountain drive (we even saw a bear!). And then I heard from the job - I didn't get it but they said they had a maternity leave position opening up in August that they were wondering if i would be willing to be considered for. Which would be perfect. The timing is great and there is no pressure with a one year position. I had to wonder if i was having a hard time finding a job because I am seen as basically another maternity leave waiting to happen. So this would be great! I will know end of July is I have the job so that gives me 2 months to find a dayhome for Z! So that took a lot of stress off my life.
Such a great vacation. And Z did great with my parents - 3 nights away from me and he barely cried. I missed him SO much but it was so nice to get away and now I feel relaxed and rejuvenated!

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