Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Things Other Moms Have Taught Me

  • Babies are new at this too - they won't know that you're screwing up

  • A little dirt won't hurt them

  • Make a list of one thing to do every day that once done, you won't have to do tomorrow. Windows, bathroom, etc.

  • Baby can't thrive if Mom isn't thriving, take some time for yourself and don't feel guilty

  • Formula isn't the devil

  • Leave the baby overnight before they're one - it'll be easier for both of you if that big event is done sooner rather than later

  • Sometimes all you can do is laugh

  • Swimming is pretty much the miracle cure, it's fun and they take fantastic naps afterwards!

  • All you really need is a pack of crackers, some wipes and a diaper.

  • It's worth taking the time to put on makeup and real clothes, you'll feel better about yourself and your husband will appreciate the effort

  • Bins in every room makes cleaning up way faster!

  • In the first 6 weeks, don't worry about spoiling them, sleep habits or really anything. Just enjoy them.

  • Don't freak out if they don't do things by the book, no baby ever follows every milestone perfectly

  • You are not alone in whatever crazy thing your child has done - getting kicked out of daycare after 3 hours - you're not the first one to have that happen to...I hope...

Thanks to all the fantastic moms in my life! I appreciate you far more than you realize!

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