Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Celebrating Life

The last week and a half has been hard. We were really counting on hubby getting into the police and it was a huge disappointment but I'm so proud of him. Instead of just being pissed off and giving up (which is probably what I would have done) he instead contacted his case manager asking what he could do to improve, he is training more, he's going to go on a ride a long and he's working really hard to make himself into the best possible candidate. He is turning to God and just asking God to direct him in his next move. He is trying to see the reasons why instead of focusing on all the why nots. I'm just so amazed at his strength, faith and dedication to our family.
And speaking of our family, I've officially passed the half way mark! I'm feeling really good these days, I'm still tired ALL the time but beyond that, I feel great. When I am awake, I feel like I have energy. It doesn't last long but at least I can enjoy my family again.
We took Z to the space & science center in our city yesterday - so much fun! They have a little toddler area with water tables and an airplace and a giant piano! We love it there!
Also, I got to rock out my new clearance rack dress! I love me a good sale! :)
So all in all, life is good. We are taking a slightly different path than we thought we would but thats okay. God is in control. I firmly believe that and I believe that He knows why so even if we don't, I'm okay with that right now.

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