Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hands on Dads

I love the world we live in...most of the time.
I was driving to work today and I saw a dad pushing a stroller down the street. Then I got to work and there was a dad on the train dropping his kids off at the daycare on his way to work. These dads are hands on, they change diapers, they know their kids feeding schedules and they will gladly stay home and play with the kids so mom can get a break.
I think thats the way things should be. I'm blessed with a husband who LOVES to spend time with our son. He sometimes takes Z to the park after work so I can relax and get dinner started without a toddler running around. Or he gets home and starts dinner so I can just play with Z at the end of the day. If Z needs a diaper change, he probably will try to convince me to do it but he's alone or I'm tired, he will change a bum without complaint. He does bath time and stays home when Z is sick and takes Z to the daycare. He is a hands on Dad and thats the way I think it should be. My mom was telling me that my dad almost missed me being born because he didn't want to leave work too early because he wasn't going to get any time off for me being born. How crazy is that? My mom had 4 kids and they didn't live near any family but still my Dad was expected to be at work. When Z was born, hubby was beside me the entire time and he took 2 weeks off afterwards. He will actually be taking at least 3 weeks off this time since his work will top up his paternity leave so he will actually still be paid full salary while he's off. I think the idea of father's being so involved in their kids life is amazing. I think it's God's plan. It's modeling a loving father, a loving husband and a man of God in their lives. I love that it's becoming more common because I really think absent fathers contribute to the high divorce rate in families and although I know that even amazing parents can raise troubled teens, I think having a father home and available does help with those adolescent years. I love hearing about stay at home dads, my husband actually talked about doing that since at the time I made more money than he did but we decided against that but if that had been the best decision for our family, I know it would have worked well and he would have enjoyed that. And our house probably would have been cleaner! :)
I just think God has called us to be family and that involves Mom, Dad and baby! (soon to be babies!)

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