Thursday, May 3, 2012

Not the news we wanted...

So we aren't waiting anymore. But it wasn't good news. Hubby got deferred for three years!  which seems really excessive since there wasn't really anything in particular they were saying as a reason, just a couple minor things in his past, that wasn't exactly recent anyways or even really bad. But thats life. I was really upset when we first heard but I'm okay now. Our friend was deferred and appealed it down to a year so he might look at that but even if he does have to wait the full 3 years, we are okay with that. We really do feel that God is in control and even though we don't know the reason, there is a reason that he was deferred. It's frustrated and disheartening for my man but he has really been trying to seek out God's wisdom in all this. Maybe God knew we couldn't handle life with a newborn with him in training or maybe God has something better in store for us. We don't know. But I'm trying to seek God in all this and understand why or at least understand that God knows best. I think hubby is doing a better job of this because I think he knew the process wasn't going great while I was trying to be positive and assume the best so I was a lot more surprised. But I just feel bad for him. He's had so much disappoitment job-wise, it's not fair. But I also know that he is still young and if he still wants to be a cop and if he applies again in 3 years, he will still be under 30 so he will still have lots of time to do this.
So I'm just really needing to seek God, support my man and just realize that we are so incredibly blessed.

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