Thursday, August 15, 2013

Elmo Birthday Party

So Z turned three last month and this was a big deal for everyone. It was a big deal to me because three seems a lot older, he was old enough to have a preference and old enough to really understand what was going on. Plus last year I was on bed rest so his second birthday just wasn't that exciting!
It was really exciting for Z because he knew this was a party all for him! We told him about 6 weeks in advance that he was having a birthday and he was allowed to pick the theme! He immediately requested batman. I was really surprised but figured if that's what he wanted, well then he can have batman so I started looking on pinterest and finding ideas on batman parties. Well two days later, he switches to Dinosaurs. Next was fire trucks. Finally he said he wanted Elmo. That one really made sense to me because he loves Elmo! So I gave him a week and when that was still his choice, I told him it was official and I was going to go buy the invitations. Thankfully Target has officially come to Canada so I was able to go Target and find some adorable invitations and decorations. The final thing was the cake, we are cheap so I knew I was going to make the cake but I also really wanted to have a decorated cake for Z so I once again went to pinterest and got some ideas there and then we started. My husband is the OCD arty person in the family and I'm the baker so I made the cake and he decorated, I think it was a huge success! I don't think Z has ever been so excited about anything!

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