Friday, August 23, 2013


Today was an overwhelming day. Twice a week I watch a little guy, he's 20 months old and adorable and mischievous and such a sweetheart. However, he is an extra munchkin in the house. An extra loud crazy active munchkin. I love watching him because he plays so well with both my boys, it's great to have the extra income and I know it relieves stress from his parents because he's so happy here. But, I'm tired. It's a lot of work. My house is a disaster after the 3 boys get done with it. My kitchen is crazy. And I never know what to feed them. And someone is always poopy, hungry and/or getting into trouble.

It makes me really wonder if I want another kid. I mean I know I do but can I handle it? Will my house ever be clean again? Will I ever be clean again (I wonder as I look down at my spit up and banana smeared clothes)?

I had a whole post planned on camping with munchkins (which we did this past week - so much fun!) but I'm too tired so instead you can all read about how I'm tired :)

On the plus side, I can announce that I just got a new job! Because that's going to help with the exhaustion right? :) I am now the Director of Children's Ministry at my church! Woot, woot. So excited. This is like my dream job. It's super flexible, it's administration based, it's working with kids and its in an environment that I love (my home church). I work one day a week in the office, my mom will come in and watch the kids for me and if she's not able to, my old dayhome (who is amazing!) will watch the boys for me. I then have to work 3 hours on Sunday (but I'm already there every week anyways so no hardship for me) and then 4 hours at home. Pretty much ideal. I'm pretty excited about it. I start next week! Wish me luck!

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