Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bum Genius Diaper Review

Alright, I know ya'll have been waiting - here is my long overdue review for Bum Genius diapers.
In case you don't know the backstory behind the diapers, I will quickly fill you in. I bought a different brand (see my review here) but just was really disappointed in them but was loving cloth diapering. I didn't want to give up but I knew I couldn't handle the leaks from my previous diapers. My sister used Bum Genius and offered to let me use hers when I went for a week long visit. I had only 2 leaks in that entire week (compared to an average of 2 leaks/day with my previous brand) so that quickly made up my mind. However, I had a hard time convincing hubby I needed a whole new diaper stash so I went and found some used. I know for some people that gives them the squeemies but for me, I figure the first thing my kid is going to do is poop in it so why does it matter? So I bought a set of Bum Genius 3.0 diapers (they actually don't sell them anymore but my sister's were 4.0 and I found them very similar). The one thing that I did do was buy velcro. I went back and forth on that, but I had found a couple brand new Bum Genius 4.0's at a garage sale and they were velcro and I fell in love with them. They were so quick and easy and I just felt that I could get a perfect fit with them while the snaps were limited. So I had a set of 30 Bum Genius diapers and I don't think I could ever go back. I can probably count on one hand the number of leaks I have had with them and most of those are because we forgot to change his bum and went out somewhere. Here is shot of the diapers in action :

So here is my review on a scale of 1-5 for Bum Genius Pocket 4.0/3.0 cloth diapers.

These are the criteria: absorbency, cost, overall fit, laundry, the cute factor, the company’s customer service, and Dad-Friendliness.
Absorbency: 5 stars - no leaks! They are amazing for that. The insert can be adjusted depending on what snap setting the diaper is at which I think really helps for absorbancy - plus you can double up at the front for a boy or the back for a girl which helps! 
Cost: 3 stars - they are definitely not the cheapest diaper out there, they are actually twice the price (if you are buying brand new) of my old diapers but they do hold up well so you can probably get a pretty decent resell value
Overall Fit: 4 stars - the velcro really helps with this. I did have a couple leaks when I was using my sister's which are snaps but because that was only a week, it's hard to really say what the reason was for the leaks. The legs also fit really well and I really liked that they had extra PUL on the front so that helped with leaks
Laundry: 4 stars - these are easy to launder, both the cover and the inserts can be placed in the dryer and they are super easy to stuff
The Cute Factor: 3.5 stars - they are pretty cute but there a lot cuter patterns and fabrics out there but still, a little green butt is a lot cuter than a disposable diapered butt! 
Customer Service: I honestly can't answer this one since I bought them used. 
Dad-Friendliness: 5 stars - super easy, you set the size snaps once and you don't need to do it again until your baby outgrows that size. The inserts are super easy to stuff and they also fall out really easy when you are separating them for the wash. And the velcro is pretty much the easiest thing ever to put on - just like a disposable. 
Total Review: 4 stars - If they were a little cheaper, they would get 5 stars! 

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