Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Money Tuesday? Oops!

So I missed my Money Monday update. I had a crazy busy day. Poor Baby K is teething (cutting 2 front teeth AND a molar!) so a lot of my day was spent cuddling and comforting him. 
I am actually feeling pretty good about my budget this month. It will be down to the wire but I'm confident we can make it. So far, as of yesterday (Oct. 21), I have spent $255 on groceries. That leaves me with $45 for next week. $15 of that will automatically be milk but that still gives me $30 for some fruits and veggies. I can easily work with that. 

So here is my weekly meal plan: 

Pizza at church :) 

B: apple muffins
L: mac & cheese (tired, pregnant mama - don't judge me!)
D: Lasagna

B: Oatmeal
L: whatever my mom feeds them. I used to leave out food but then realized she just did her own thing anyways

D: Crockpot Cheesy Chicken Broccoli 

B: Toast & Eggs
L: out with a friend
D: Beef Stroganoff 

B: Cereal/Muffins
L: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
D: Leftovers

B: Oatmeal
L: Pita Pizzas

D: Perogies & Sausage

Brunch: Bacon & Eggs
D: Leftovers

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